Autumn 2018 Intensive Workshop Series

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In addition to our full time certificate, MA and MFA programs we are happy to also offer this year a rich workshop program to practitioners from around the world. The different workshops, offered by Lispa’s international team, address practitioners in theatre and performance with an interest in creating their own work, individually or in collaboration with other practitioners, or wish to deepen their understanding of our movement based teachings for application in education, theatre and performance training or movement and performance based healing practices over a shorter period of time in a more compact format.  Each workshop gives an insight into a different aspect of our movement based pedagogy, with some workshop more geared towards the development of artistic expertise in specific areas of Physical Theatre and Devised Performance, while others offer a more integral approach to movement, bodySelf and creativity , combining movement, devised performance and Jungian concepts for personal process. Whether for further artistic training as a devising artist, writer or director or for a deeper insight into our pedagogy as a facilitator and workshop leader, we envision this series to be an excellent opportunity to open new doors, widen horizons, deepen your visions and create new contacts with participants from around the world in the highly international environment of the school.

The Autumn Series 2018 offers two Intensives of 5 weeks each. Each Intensive is made of 3 workshops. Each workshop can be taken individually and forms a complete unit in itself, while the completion of each Intensive offers a deeper understanding of the fundamental cornerstones of our pedagogy.

 - Please note corrected dates as of April 2018 -

Intensive I  -  Embodied Wisdom   (Oct 8 - Nov 9 , 2018)

The first Intensive offers an insight into the most fundamental principles of our pedagogy. It introduces participants to our understanding of creativity as a result of an ever evolving dialogue with and in between the different layers of our body, leading towards a deeper awareness for the embodied wisdom we hold. Each of the 3 workshops of this intensive will invite you to connect through movement, improvisation and the process of devising with a different layer of your creative Self, the Playful Body, the Mythic Body and the Poetic Body, allowing you to develop a deeper sense for your aliveness and the Body we are in difference to the body we have.

We consider the dialogue with the different layers of your creative Self as the most important precondition for the process of creating your own artistic work and a truly autonomous life.

Each workshop forms a complete unit in itself, giving you the opportunity to choose a workshop of your interest or to complete the entire intensive through participation in all 3 workshops.

Oct 8-12, 2018 - The Playful Body - The pleasure of being in the Now

Oct 15-26, 2018 - The Poetique Body - Sensing with the soul, creating from the body

Oct 29-Nov 9, 2018 - The Mythic Body - In dialogue with our collective imagination     


Intensive II  -  Masked Play   (Nov 12 - Dec 13 , 2018)

After an exploration of fundamental principles of our pedagogy for the devising artist during the first Intensive, participants interested in the second Intensive will be given an opportunity to discover different strategies and structures of play. Each of the 3 workshops of this Intensive will have a different point of departure, moving towards the exploration of a particular dramatic structure of play. Each workshop forms a complete unit in itself and can be taken separately, while a participation in any workshop of Intensive 1 or its full completion will most likely deepen the process and understanding of the work in Intensive II.

Nov 12-16. 2018 - Larval Masks

Nov 19-30, 2018 - Expressive Masks

Dec 03-Dec 13, 2018 - Half Masks