International Summer School 2018

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LISPA International Summer School: 30 July -17 August 2018

We are pleased to announce details of our regular international summer school program for 2018, which will take place over three weeks at the EDEN studios in Berlin.

You can choose which workshops to take part in, and each of the workshops gives you an insight into different aspects of our movement based pedagogy for performing arts practitioners interested in creating their own work. Whether you are a performer, director, writer for the stage, or a practitioner with a different artistic background - if you are interested in creating original work within a collaborative setting, we hope to offer you an environment for creative practice and encounters with fellow artists from around the world.

The first 2 weeks offer 4 different workshops geared towards an experience of physical theatre, embodiment and the process of collaborative devising in the context of our pedagogical approach, rooted in the teaching of Jacques Lecoq.

The third and final week of our Summer School offers an introduction to our new program in Integral Movement and Performance Practice. The IMPP program is a completely unique design, linking artistic development and personal process through integration of essential aspects of the Jungian concept for personal growth.


Full details about the program and how to apply are in our new brochure which you can download or view here. Booking form can be downloaded here.

For any other questions please contact the school.