Advanced Devising Practice MFA (two years)

Starting from September 2017, Rose Bruford College in London in partnership with LISPA now offers the DTAP and ADP course as a two-year MFA degree. If you would like to apply for the MFA programme, please contact the school. Applications should be sent to LISPA in the first instance.

Advanced Devising Practice Certificate course (one year)

Students on the Advanced Devising Practice certificate course will have first completed the Devising Theatre and Performance course at LISPA, or equivalent training at a recognised institution.

While the emergence of the Poetic Body dominates the journey in the Devised Theatre and Performance course (DTAP), the Advanced Devising Practice course (ADP) focuses on a contemporary approach to different theatrical territories and performance languages. All of the languages you will explore are very physical, and demand from you the ability to negotiate highly transposed levels of play. The aim is to increase your physical, poetical and intellectual understanding of the underlying structures within very different theatrical territories. This exploration will not only allow you to develop a better insight into what kind of theatre and performance you feel really passionate about, but also the ability to go beyond already existing forms in order to create your own work. Regular movement, improvisation and devising sessions will form the core of each Intensive, with excursions and theoretical reflections on practitioners in the field deepening the artistic journey.

The Advanced Devising Practice certificate course can be taken as a whole full-time 32 week course, or over 2 or 3 years as individual 12-week Modules.

See our Downloads page for more detailed descriptions and information about Tuition Fees and dates.